my new version of the leap book

Hi I have add some more stuff to the leap book. I have add a cover pin. I will tell you about it now. It is a pin that you have 4 squares.  you can write down 4 numbers like 9 5 4 4 that is a example and you can copy that pin.

the new thing is training can train you pet against anther pet like the green pet which is a grass type against the blue water pet and the winner would be the green pet.

the next thing is coding on jsfiddle. but you can only save you fiddle by having your own acount.

the next thing is a pet bed. its the training arena but where the pets you own go’s to sleep.and gets rest while you do other things.

now the last new thing is a pocket bag. to hold everything in and a small bag for the number squares.

now see you later

signed Kane

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